Lots of women find that as they advance through their pregnancy, they start to experience what is called round ligament pain during pregnancy.

Round ligament pain during your pregnancy is due to the weight of your expanding uterus on your already extended tendons, however everything beginnings with those bothersome hormones that make all the other changes in your body including cramping in your early pregnancy!

Hormonal changes in your body start to soften your tendons, to enable higher motion and extending during giving birth as your pregnancy advances. However, those softer ligaments are likewise put under ever increasing pressure as your child’s weight expands.

The further along in your pregnancy you are, and the heavier your baby becomes, the more likely it is you will experience round ligament pain during pregnancy, when you physically apply yourself by walking and various other tasks as these things could cause the pain:

  • Exercise
  • Rolling over in your bed
  • Something as simple as sneezing
  • If you stand up to quickly
  • Coughing might be the reason
  • Laughing also can cause it

The good news is that most of the times, round ligament pain is entirely benign, and while it could be painful, and slow you down quite a bit, there’s unlikely to be any enduring damage.

If you are experiencing exactly what you believe is this pain, you ought to consult your physician, as there may be various other sources for your signs.

If the ligament pain is identified, your doctor will probably suggest avoiding exercise, gentle massage of the affected area to soothe the pain, and possibly a moderate pain reliever, such as Acetaminophen or paracetamol.

The application of moderate heat to the location during massage can also bring relief to patients of round ligament pain during pregnancy, as can gentle extending exercises.

Keep in mind that round ligament pain during pregnancy, while certainly not enjoyable, is usually likewise not unsafe, which the substantial bulk of ladies who experience this issue will find that their signs spontaneously fade away within a couple of days or weeks of delivery.

In the mean time, put your feet up and unwind as much as possible, relax, and utilize massage  – After all, massage besides it can help on the pain it is very pleasant.  The safe methods to use for treatment are:

  • Exercising so you core strong together with stretching – Yoga might be the best solution.
  • Remember to do things slowly so you avoid sudden moves that can cause pain.
  • To avoid the pain that can come from sneezing, coughing or laughing you should flex your hips so you avoid any pulling on the ligaments.
  • Warm bath or heating pad but remember to ask your doctor before doing so, because exstreme heat and being pregnant can be dangerous.
  • Use a pregnancy support band or belt so you lift the growing uterus and support your back.

Check out this safe prenatal yoga poses to relieve round ligament pain from

Round ligament pains are one of the most common pregnancy related discomforts, especially in the second trimester. You will recognize them by a brief sharp, or stabbing pain in the groin or lower abdomen. In some, round ligament pains are a dull, longer-lasting ache, and will be brought on after physical activity. The pain is caused by a stretching in the round ligament, which surrounds your uterus. As the uterus grows, the ligament stretches and thickens to support the expanding size of the uterus. This stretching is what brings on the pain. (As always, any pain that is accompanied by uterine cramping, bleeding or leakage should be reported to your doctor immediately).

Round ligament pain can be brought on by sudden movements like sitting and standing abruptly, so try to change positions slowly, especially when getting in and out of chairs.  Trying to relax when the pain strikes is helpful when possible, and use your yoga breathing, inhaling and exhaling through the nose to relax into the sensation. Try these other prenatal yoga poses to relieve round ligament pain:

Side lying savasana: The final relaxation pose, practiced on your left side, with a pillow in between the legs to relieve the lower back, is helpful in relieving round ligament pain.

Knee lifts: Hold onto a wall for support, and lift the leg from the hip, knee facing outward to open the hip and relieve tension from the ligament. Hold the leg in the air for 30 seconds, and repeat up to five times on each side.

Cat/Cow: Kneeling on all fours with fingers spread wide, fingers facing forward, inhale and round the back high, letting the head fall. Exhale, pulling the belly towards the mat, extending the back body wide to stretch the ligament. Repeat several rounds.

Pelvic tilts: Bend the knees slightly, round the back and place hands on thighs for support. Exhale through the motion, pushing the back body out. Repeat several times.